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Z Odyssey

12-29-2007 Great Train Expo Anaheim

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December 29th, 2007

Since my inlaws were visiting with us from Japan over the Christmas and New Year holidays, I didn't have the luxury of spending a full day at the last train show of the year. Instead, we all headed down to Anaheim together for just a couple of hours.


I was surprised and impressed by the size of the modular display that the combined forces of our ZoCal group and the Bay Area BAZ Boys had erected. The huge Y-shaped exhibit boasted pine-topped mountains. An imposing trestle bridge spanned a waterfall-fed river. The tracks rolled through farmlands and desert, passing by an industrial area and rolling meadows, as they made their way back to a modest switching yard.


While there was still work to be done and details to add, the amount of work that had been accomplished in the space of a year was nothing short of astonishing. One of the Baz Boys' modules even sported a grizzly bear attack, unobtrusive to the casual viewer, but it raised a few eyebrows among the more observant onlookers.


It was great to catch up with many of the ZoCal regulars such as John, Bill and Lajos, and to meet a few newer faces, including Lindley and, from up north, Jeff.


My wife made the most of our short visit to the show by taking a ton of photos. You can see many of them by following the link below. Meanwhile, I waved the trusty old video camera in the general direction of the trains, hoping for a few good shots; the results of which, you can see here courtesy of YouTube. Enjoy!

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