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Z Odyssey


First Things First
Taking the Plunge
Planning - Initial Concept
Planning - Track Plans
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Getting "Down and Dirty"
Fall 2007
I had a track plan, I had my benchwork (the 2x4 shelf of a coffee table kit), and I had slowly been buying up the track I needed for the layout. Next I needed to prepare the area where my trains would eventually run: the ground, or subterrain.
Since I wanted mountains and rivers, a flat area for my town, and a combination of level and inclined areas where track would be laid, I needed to include these in the plan at this point. Every model railroader has their own pet methods for creating their subterrain. Before finally settling on a method, I experimented with a 1 foot x 1 foot diarama using the foam subterrain from Woodland Scenics. The project was easy enough that I felt confident in moving forward and committing to this system.

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