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Z Odyssey

11-4-2006 Arcadia Show

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November 4th, 2006

Occasionally the city of Arcadia holds a train show at the local arboretum, about 5 minutes from home. How could I resist?


This year, the show featured a couple of N scale layouts in addition to the HO and larger scales, but unfortunately, no Z (perhaps one of these days, I might be their Z presence - all I need is a mobile layout). While I enjoyed all the layouts, including an excellent trolley set-up that I have since seen displayed at Anaheim, I spent much of my time studying the N layouts, and talking with their owners.

The layout pictured here is owned by a great guy named Sandy. He kindly e-mailed me his schematics and track plan after the show. I like the way in which he managed to pack a great deal of track and running options into a relatively small space. The folded loop allows for continuous running at shows, while he fiddles with various yard consists. While my own layout will be less complex, he certainly gave me some good ideas.


I also spent time talking with Robert from the Antelope Valley (AV) N Scalers group. Apparently members are actually from all over the Los Angeles area. They even have an honorary member in England who shows up occasionally. The group showed off part of their modular layout that included some good-looking desert scenery, in addition to a seasonal Christmas North Pole scene.

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